Tips in Writing English Essays: Formulating the Thesis Statement

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Are you struggling with your English essays? You should make sure to submit a good quality university essay because part of your overall marks for the course depends on the coursework you submit. Submitting well-written and successful English essays entails creating an essay plan. This helps ensure that you are always within sight of what you want to accomplish in your essay, comparable to a road map when you are travelling to ensure that you do not get lost or wander off to an unrelated discussion. An essay plan also helps when you are researching because it reminds you of to only select materials which are relevant to the topic you are discussing, as sometimes when you are browsing a lot of books and articles it can be easy to get distracted from what you are really there for.

At the heart of English essays is its thesis statement. This is the argument that the writer aims to discuss throughout the paper. In order to make its impact felt by the reader and to let them know that this is the personal statement that will govern the discussion for the whole essay, the thesis statement must appear close to the start, or introductory part of the essay. There are some professors who specify that the student's statement should be located at a specific part of the essay, which is often on the last sentence of the first paragraph. While this is quite a good place to put a thesis statement, if your professor did not specify it then you may not rigidly follow this rule and instead put your thesis statement where you think it will make the most impact. Besides its strategic location, a good thesis statement also has the following characteristics:

ñ  It is argumentative in the sense that it makes a case. This is what separates a thesis from a topic because a topic is only states a general idea, while a thesis argues a specific case and attempts to prove something. Another way to tell one from the other is that if the phrase does not have an active verb, it is most likely to be a topic.

ñ  It stirs controversy, not because the ideas are way outside reality, but because the thesis statement makes it possible for a discerning individual to disagree with it. If all your readers agree with the thesis you have created, it just goes to show that your thesis is too obvious already and hence does not warrant further discussion. At the same time, the arguments that you can support it with should not merely be based on opinion, as opinion can be subjective at times.

ñ  It is analytical and not evaluative. It is not your place to discuss in your English essays to inject a moral element by praising or criticising the influence of a particular work of literature on its readers. Nor are you there to evaluate the book's narrative techniques as this is up to book reviewers. Instead, you have to give a holistic analysis of the book on its own terms.


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Tips in Writing English Essays: Formulating the Thesis Statement

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Tips in Writing English Essays: Formulating the Thesis Statement

This article was published on 2011/11/21